Best Cabins

We offer cabins of all sizes from the smallest corner units to fit discretely into your garden, to complete living accommodation units with 2 double bedrooms, large living/dining room, kitchen and bathroom, and anywhere in between including single and double garages. 

Whether you need an extra room for friends & family to stay, a home office, a games room for the children or a home gym, here you will find the perfect retreat...

 Barcelona £1895 Cadiz £1495 Chalet £6995
 Gazebo £3195  Lisbon £4995  Marsielle £2295
 Naples £3995  Geneva £4795  Helsinki £5995
 Eden £5795  Seville £2395  Lyon £3695


We currently have the Lyon, Marseille & Venice on display at our yard in Mildenhall.

Prices shown are for the building only, treatment, roof options, insulation, delivery & installation are extra.

 San Marino £4595  Venice £2995  


Your cabin will be untreated on arrival and will require some form of treatment to protect it from the elements and ensure it looks as good as new for years to come. We offer you the option of Sikkens Novatech treatment for your cabin. Sikkens is regarded as the best wood treatment the world over and provides your cabin with 100% UV protection


Your cabins will be supplied with a standard felt roof covering. Our range of shingle tiles offer you a different look for the roof and come with a 15 year manufactures guarantee. For the finest roofing option we offer you Metro Tiles, these are a lightweight steel and aluminum tile offering you a great look and a 40 year manufactures guarantee


We offer roof and floor insulation for your cabin. Due to the density of the walls these do not require any form of insulation. The insulation is fitted on top of the roof boards (but under the final roof finish) and the floor insulation is fitted under the floor boards. So you would never know if the cabin is insulated or not to look at. Why not take advantage of our build service to ensure your cabin is built to the best standard possible as quickly as possible