Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes, prices vary depending on which building and what size you order.

Q.  What access is required?

A.  Ideally if we are installing the building, we require an 18" clearance all around the building.

Q. How long do I have to wait for my building?

A.  From ordering it usually takes around 4 weeks.

Q. Are the buildings treated?

A. All buildings are pre-treated inside & out with a quality water based wood preservative, it is recommended that you re-treat your building yearly. 

Q. Can I move the windows and doors?

A.  All our buildings are made to order so should you need windows or door in a specific place this is no problem.  Please contact us for more details.

Q.  I need a wider door, is this possible?

A.  Yes, there are 2 options; a wider door to approx 35" or double doors approx 60". Please see our Optional Extras 

Q.  What does the building need to sit on?

A.  A standard building can sit on Pressure Treated timber bearers so long as they are perfectly level.  Alternatively a slab or concrete base.

Q.  Do I need planning permission?

A.  Generally no as our buildings are sectional, however if in doubt it is always advisable that you contact your local council.

Not answered your question?  Call us on 0800 027 1513